Keith Wilkinson & Associates: Vocational Consulting & Litigation SupportWilkinson & Associates provides fair assessments of a spouse's income potential in alimony and chils support divorce cases.Vocational Consulting, Litigation Support
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Vocational Assessment

KWA has become recognized for personalized service in determining a fair assessment of a spouse’s income potential in regard to spousal support and/or child support in divorce cases, and for success in enabling thousands of injured workers to successfully re-enter the job market.We use the most up-to-date computer programs to evaluate skills and interests in order to provide timely and efficient services.

After reviewing the documents, we interview and, when appropriate, test before completing a transferable skills assessment to evaluate potential, based on current medical condition, age, education, interests and work history.

We investigate the labor market to identify opportunities for workers within appropriate geographical areas.

Finally, we prepare a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations.




Attorney Comment:
I like the fact you use objective analysis when conducting these evaluations. It makes it so much easier to defend.



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